Monday, March 29, 2010

Liver recipe

Just sent this to my Mom, so as long as I'd written it up I thought I'd blog it too.

And Mom, .... well...., I know you won't like my recipe for liver but it actually tastes ~good~! Even though it does mean cooking the liver a lot more. First, natural fed beef liver (meaning grass fed beef ideally) or organic are far, far better tasting than even calves' liver. Fresh is better tasting than frozen. (Remember the scene with Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves? At the buffalo hunt they dig out the liver and offer a big chunk to the Costner character to eat raw.) Cook up some butter-garlic sauce with a little freshly ground peppercorn and perhaps some fresh tomato. Slowly cook the liver almost all the way through. Take the liver out, cut into thin strips, and toss the gristly (veinous) parts into the stewpot. Put the strips back into sauce and cook until thoroughly done. (Not like jerky, but getting there. Lately I'm finding more and more I actually like food that requires a lot of chewing. Slows down the eating process as well.) Remove liver strips and eat a few ounces, putting the rest into a glass jar in the fridge. Add the leftover juices from the pan (I use an iron skillet for most meals these days) into the stew pot. (I make a kind of consumme, broth, out of all the vegetable trimmings, whole peppercorns, and various other things. Boil the heck out of it. Use a steel strainer. Keep it in a glass jar in the fridge. Use it every other day for a cabbage and celery soup. Quite tasty.) Over the next couple of days snack on the liver strips lightly covering them in organic ketchup. Yummy!

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