Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Singularity as an Index

2011 June 23

Q1. What ~is~ an index?
A1. Like an index finger, it is a collection of "pointers".

Q2. What are the key algorithms
A2. Sorting, comparing, category theory... all implicit in the structure of indexes.

Q3. What are the most complex non-biological systems prior to computers?
A3. (Probably) Library card catalogues (indexes).

Q4. What are the most complex non-biological systems now?
A4. The internet, ..organized by indexes prepared by search engines.

Q5. But aren't biological systems parallel processors?
A5. Google indexing algorithms use parallel processing.

Q6. But are biological systems adaptive, facultatively sensitive to conditions?
A6. Through "cognitive surplus", so is Google.

Q6 (..that is relating to the biological modularity concepts, discussed previously.)

Q7. But what does the philosophy of knowledge say?
A7 (Do you really want me to dig up some quotes by Derrida?! .. I can.)

Perhaps a metaphor to ponder is.. An index ~is~ a "web". (Think on dictionaries and thesauri, ... they are collection of pointers to pointers.)

And now the "creative" part, "Pointy..",

(Along the way of typing the preceding, my fingers wrote out ... "library card catablogues"... blogs?)

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