Thursday, January 12, 2012

Links for Jan 12, 2012 (Thursday AM)

Jan 12, 2012
"Instead of a lot of tweets..."

My guess is a lot of articles and chapters were embargoed until January 2012. Finding a lot today through G-scholar.

First some older matters, inspired by tweets about econ and evo psych --

Cosmides and Tooby Better than Rational (1994 AER letter),

Krugman's On Ricardo's Difficult Idea (1996 article),

Krugman's On Ricardo's Difficult Idea (1996 article), (.. is also a book chapter at Google Books)

The Evolutionary Analysis Of Economic Policy (2004 book, link to Amazon),

Duckworth 2011 chapter (et al) personality psych and economics,
(Saved for printing parts-only later (214 pages?))

Duckworth 2011 chapter (.. a lot of good review, but also is at nexus of some serious current cogitating of some peer-review circles).

From Duckworth, then spinning off toward broader matters than just the economics framework, ...

Penke chapter (Very impressive bibliography!),

Penke chapter (comment, Asimov once wrote a fun essay about people reading only the bibliographies and the rest of the papers were shrinking. A la Mark Twain.)

Shackelford et al (Liddle) 2011 chapter, Evolution of Violence,
(Saved for printing later.)

Gad's 2011 book on business has parts already up at Google Books.


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