Friday, November 16, 2012

Hoarding Doggerel

(This mornings' doggerel)

Why I hoard
More toys, so I'm less bored
Growing up with less compared to others - feeling poor
The MacGuyver ability makes for recombinant possibilities galore
Propped against a backyard wall I've kept an old door
In the summer on some bricks it's a sunning deck - what it's for
fMRI ACC activation means searching for uses? .. "thinking" more?
The OCD connection I think is a ~bit~ over-reaching
(Some professors should stick to teaching)

Additional blahblah: 
"Cognitive flexibility" examples typically involve finding multiply or unusual uses for everyday items. i.e. MacGuyvering. In The Eiger Sanction the assassin's superpower is that everything and anything is a deadly weapon. In hoarding, everything's a resource, but in the Sanction the assassin's power makes it so he can travel light and pass a search for weapons. Would the assassin be a hoarder at home? The distinction here might be between mapping from uses to objects versus mapping from objects to uses.

ACC is anterior cingulate cortex. The current hot spot for the homunculus (sigh). For homunculous related issues, in econ see Tattonement, (I'd always argue process over identity, operationalizing, .. and end up annoying people. Going up an abstraction level generally does that.)

I don't really hoard ... much ... except for maybe the hundred-plus boxes of academic papers.

Szalavitz article, Aug 07, 2012.

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Tattonement, in Walrasian Auctions,

Is this post just more clutter? Memo to self: Delete old posts, including this one soon.

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