Thursday, September 17, 2015

Alice Dreger talk tonight at nearby UNM campus

For those who have arrived early at the ISIR conference:

Alice Dreger, who will be also talking at ISIR, is giving a talk tonight (Thursday) at 8PM on the UNM campus about 1.25 miles from the conference hotel.

Announcement: ..

Map of the ABQ area: ..

Map of the UNM campus: ..

The location is room 116 in the Anthropology building, which is #16 along the left hand side of the main campus just east of University Boulevard
(and for many purposes also the building 15 immediately to the west.)

Parking is generally free after 8PM, but it's probably easiest to just catch a cab ride at the hotel.

For those looking for some exercise, walk east on Central and turn left (north) at University Boulevard. The first major street coming up on your left will be MLK Jr, and immediately east into the campus from there are the anthropology buildings.

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