Thursday, March 7, 2013

Notes for Thursday, March 7th 2013

Some select notes on this day:

academic stress level survey,

A.I., multistability in a neuron model with network feedback …

brains, mouse chimeras with human glia show improved learning performance, ..

collective intelligence resources, …

Democracy Now, Operation Condor, Coordinated Campaign By Latin American Dictatorships To Kill Leftists

education and computers, no benefit of having a computer at home for 6-10th grade kids' school outcomes, N = 1123. …

education, Head Start evaluation, (minimal effect; publication long-delayed; mainstream media fail; Brookings Inst.) ..

education, single-sex classrooms benefit females' (but not males') performance, via reduction in StereotypeThreat, …

exercise and will, .. exercise improves self-control in youth and young adults …

food, cheese and paleo,

food, veganism, Barbara J King article,

foods, gmo and sterility,

genomes and endosymbionts, Drosophila and Spiroplasma, via ‏@fly_papers, ...

genomics conf. fogm13, "future of genomic medicine" = fogm
GholsonLyon. science is divided into silos guarded by silverback gorillas preventing data sharing. #mixedmetaphorFTW
GholsonLyon. the future of genomics medicine is going to come from companies like 23andme. doesn't see it happening from academia..
AT Using a google page rank parallel to describe gene ranking #FOGM13 ‏ conference site, ..

genomics primer/tutorials at Scripps, ..

happiness and work, 2013 0307,
HSE (2008) Psychosocial Working Conditions in Britain in 2008
Statements rated by respondents:
I can decide when to take a break. I have a say in my own work speed. I have a choice in deciding how to do my work. I have a choice in deciding what I do at work. I have some say over the way I work. My working time can be flexible.

intrusiveness, I can remember when folks were shocked at the idea of routine drug testing as a condition of employment. Tantra Dad ‏@mattcornell

marketing psychology history, Scientific Psychology book 1923,

medical costs, Diabetes cost $245 billion in the US last year. … evolutionarypsy

medical hubris, doctor knows best, Razib's encounter,

medical hubris, Doctor Pontificate, .. one definition of pontificate, ..

medicine science-clinical gap, Scientists shocked by the paucity of data a clinician looks at. #FOGM13 drsteventucker Snyder hits a common theme, ...

Mooc design, It suddenly occurs to me that I am an expert in hunter-gatherer demography, and we need h-g group structure in a #mooc johnhawks

noise, how the brain filters out background noise, selective entrainment hypothesis studied in epilepsy patients

Parent-Offspring Conflict and the Persistence of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension in Modern Humans

relationships, apps to deal with a messy break-up, by eradicating an ex- online

smartphones, a wearable camera to increase the accuracy of dietary analysis (take photos of meals)

solar system, planets and Sun to scale,

transcripts, .. transcripts of #MOOC lectures. One 15-min lecture has only 2000 words. A great lecture in person but trite to read. johnhawks

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