Wednesday, May 1, 2013

migraines and rapid eye movements


Again, I decided against a long string of tweets and went with a blog, minimally edited.

These notes are primarily intended toward a sleep researcher I follow on Twitter,  

(Also, apologies again for not having worked out an easy way to html the links. Perhaps I'll switch to wordpress..)

migraines and the advanced sleep phase syndrome

The following tweets are related to migraines, but that's just a primary nexus cognating with other topics.

migraines. 1. DK1d and CSD type, (LoF?)

migraines. 2. wiki on DK1d and disrupted circadians, ..

migraines. 3. .. and circadians in 1992, intriguing paper, ..

migraines. 3.1 .. migraine circadian parallels myocardial infarction, platelet aggregability, plasma cortisol, plasma catecholamines.

migraines. 4. review paper, 2012, CK1δ, ..

migraines. 4.1. "Both migraine and REM can be suppressed by tricyclics or MAO inhibitors"

migraines. 4.2. (Standard bad phrasings about caffeine, which is actually ~in~ many migraine meds and not just for withdrawal dagnabitall.)

migraines? 5 .. advanced sleep phase syndrome in elderly research site: ..

migraines? 5.1. (hmm..  minor note that Wnt signalling (affected by DK1d) was/is a hot topic in molecular aging recently.)


Dream REM involves disinhibition. Dorsal raphe nucleus stuff. Stronger DRN signals = intense dreams?

Does extreme noon-time drowsiness when young predict later development of migraines?

About the numbering system above -- I've been thinking lately about the original BASIC programming line numbering. I don't care about the flaws, there just something about it I like.

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