Saturday, April 27, 2013

adenovirus 36 and obesity

These once were intended to be tweets. These are primarily directed at Dr. Emily Deans. Still haven't figured out how to automatically html the links -- Probably difficulty is a deliberate design feature by Google to prevent link gaming? I don't blog much.

Emily's tweet:

Children who were exposed to adenovirus were significantly more likely to be overweight/obese than those who were not .."

How I was about to tweet that: 

adenovirus 36 and obesity, … ht Emily Deans, M.D. ‏@evolutionarypsy

My follow-up and comments: 

adenovirus 36 and obesity, the wiki on it, ..

adenovirus prevention vaccine discontinued/reinstated?, paragraph at wiki, ..

adenovirus 4 prevention army vaccine, ..

adenovirus 4 prevention vaccine, (".. 99.3 percent protection against febrile respiratory illnesses due to the adenovirus type 4 ")

adenovirus 4 prevention vaccine, ("[Adenovirus] infections cause approximately 15,000 illnesses per year in basic trainees.")

adenovirus vaccine (?) patent application for NAFLD, Feb 2012, ..

adenovirus, CDC pages, ...

adenovirus, CDC pages, "A person can shed the virus for months or years and not have symptoms."

adenovirus, CDC pages, Currently, there is no adenovirus vaccine available for the general public.

adenovirus, CDC pages, current status of US military vaccine program: ..

adenovirus and obesity -- so a question -- any follow-up on possible lessened obesity rates in treated veterans?

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